Following the Spirit’s leading

In Romans 8, Paul says that all who are led by the Spirit are the sons (and daughters) of God. Being truly led by the Spirit can be simple and challenging at the same time.
What makes it simple is that being led by the Spirit means knowing God and trusting His Word. It means getting into the Word, believing it and having faith that moves you to action. We have a wealth of godly wisdom at our fingertips.
What makes it challenging is our old carnal nature and the things of this world are dead set against us doing so.
God has given us free will. He set out all manners of blessings for us on the path. He’s set before us, but He’s left it up to us to choose to follow that path or not.

We need to take this seriously. We need to get our minds right. We need to have our priorities straight. The truth is that we don’t ever want to be without God. We need to realize that life, and life in abundance is ours by grace, but it is only ever found within God’s will for our life. Every other appealing thing is a distraction set to ensnare us and lure us away from the blessed grace life He has for us.

Peter modelled this kind of discernment for us on the boat that day when he knew that he was safer walking on water with Jesus, than being in the boat without him. That makes no sense through human eyes. It turns the laws of physics upside down, but it’s truer than anything: there is nothing better, or safer, or more joyful, or more wonderful than having a relationship with God and being close Him. Nothing can fulfil us more.
I pray that every single day we would have the eyes to see the truth that nothing this world can offer us could be better than Jesus and that no path set before us has a better destination than the one set by God and lit by His word.

Scripture: Romans 8:14
Let’s read: “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.”

“Blessed to be a


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