Trusting in the promises of God

Back in the 90s I remember a bumper sticker, which read, “Too blessed to be stressed.” I love that because it reminds me of truth and recalibrates my perspective. I am blessed… immensely so. And therefore, whatever seems to me to be stressful needs to be put into perspective in the light of the greatness of God.

Romans 10:13 is this beautiful scripture which promises that “Whoseover shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Praise God, I’m saved!

Christ’s death saved me from the curse of sin, from eternal separation from God, from sickness, from poverty; praise God, I’m saved!

But do we believe it? When the rubber hits the road, when sickness comes, when the bills begin to form a pile, do we still believe it? What about when we sin? Do we stand firm on God’s goodness? Or do we begin to doubt and worry and fear?

Faith is a muscle that must be exercised if we are to finish strong.

The promises of God are a great gift to us, but we need to commit ourselves to hearing these promises if we are to really believe them. Every time I read the Word, I see new things in it. For more than thirty years I’ve been reading the scriptures and every time I read them, something new leaps off the page and builds my faith up more and more. Every time I read the promises of God my foundation is strengthened, empowering me up to live out this grace life.

I am saved and therefore I am blessed, not because of anything I’ve done, but because of everything that Jesus has done. I can’t earn that blessing. There’s no way I could ever earn such a thing. All that God asks of me and of you in order to participate is that we believe.

“Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God” (Romans 10:17). Immersing myself in the Word of God is how I plant myself in the truth that praise God, I’m saved and therefore I am far too blessed to be stressed!

“Blessed to be a


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