Trusting without doubting

Why is it that some people have lived their lives serving God, giving to the Kingdom, ticking all the boxes we like to assign to this Christian life and yet they don’t see the manifestation of God in their lives?

Do you know there are things that can block the manifestation of grace in your life? One of these is living in doubt and unbelief; not being willing to believe what God says, not being willing to trust what God says. But I tell you what; the believer who is willing to trust in the promises of God is one hundred per cent assured that they will secure all that God has for them.

Let that sink in: The believer who trusts in the promises of God gets access to all God’s good plans for them.

I’m a believer and I hope you are too.

As believers who long to live in all the grace that God has for us we need to live out our faith walks trusting in God’s promises. How do we do that? First off we need to know what those promises are and that comes by spending time in the Word of God. Once we know what they are, we need to believe in those promises and God’s ability to uphold them. Finally, we need to settle that not only has God made such promises, and not only is He able to uphold them, but those promises are indeed His will for my life.

This is where many of us see our faith derailed. Mostly we are good at believing that He is able. We’re not so good at believing that we are worthy. We remember that we haven’t been so faithful with tithing, or attending church, or reading the Word. We know that we smoked weed last week and told some lies. We believe that we have disqualified ourselves from God’s promises – as if we could have ever qualified ourselves in the first place.

The bottom line is this: God’s grace is what qualifies us. There is nothing we could ever do or not do to earn God’s favor. Jesus died on that cross and earned our right standing with God. You need to settle that truth today so that you can stand firm when the enemy comes with his attacks – and he will – it’s not on you to qualify or disqualify yourself. Jesus has done it. It is finished.

Now start believing His Word, confessing it, asking Him and seeing His promises manifest in your life.

“Blessed to be a


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